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Why 10,000 Customers Rely on DocuWare Cloud

Image with 10K in large blue numbers superimposed on an illustration of a cloud celebrates DocuWare's 10,000th cloud customer
DocuWare was a pioneer when it launched its first cloud offering in 2012. At that point, the company started to explore the potential of cloud technology together with a small group of innovative clients. This year, DocuWare welcomed its 10,000th global cloud customer to its client list.
The use of cloud-based technologies, in both our professional and personal lives, continues to transform business practices in companies of every size. The growth in DocuWare cloud services is consistent with current technology trends. According to Deloitte’s US Future of Cloud Survey of 500 cloud decision-makers, adoption of cloud services is expected to increase by 45% in 2024.   
DocuWare Cloud’s steady growth showcases an unwavering pursuit of excellence and a commitment to providing top-notch enterprise content management (ECM) solutions to a worldwide customer base. 

Top 3 reasons DocuWare customers invest in the cloud 

Blue clouds on background with drawings of elements of cloud technology

1. Predictable monthly costs  

With the cloud’s subscription model, companies pay for exactly what they need in user licenses and storage and avoid monthly maintenance fees. There are reduced upfront costs, and many businesses consider the ability to plan and expect a consistent monthly bill to be beneficial. The subscription model can be classified as an operational expense, where you pay as you go for the services you use, rather than a capital expense where you invest in hardware or a data center.  
Cloud services make it easier for remote teams to work together seamlessly with each other and those working in the office. Cloud applications provide secure information exchange and hassle-free communication. Users can access files anytime, anywhere, using any device. 

2. Data Security 

Cloud services enable compliance, provide reliable backup, and automatic updates and patches. In the cloud, the infrastructure and user workstations are separate. The most common way hackers get into a system is through phishing and other email threats and these attacks often strike through user workstations.  
Cloud platforms also usually provide security features that are more comprehensive than what’s possible in an on-premises system. Encryption, access control, a dedicated cybersecurity team, and other safeguards help keep data safe. 

3. Disaster recovery and business continuity 

Data loss and unplanned downtime may cause irreversible damage to any company. Organizations using on-premises software need to develop fault-resistant environments and reliable backup systems. However, this can pose significant challenges in terms of operational costs, IT resources, and lack of access to business-critical information. Cloud software provides redundant backups in geographically dispersed data centers to ensure your system can be restored quickly.   

Cloud customers share their experiences 

Digitalization improves onboarding at a retirement and nursing home group 

Logo of Carebase a retirement and nursing home groupCarebase operates 15 retirement and nursing homes in the UK. The right atmosphere is an important success factor: Residents should always feel at home and receive the best possible care. So, staff selection and quality management are particularly important. Many nurses come from outside the UK resulting in the need for additional documentation.   
Before DocuWare Cloud, their HR department created a paper checklist of required documents for each new hire. Documents were then sent back and forth between the facilities. However, as the number of new hires increased, more problems became apparent. For example, frequent scanning and printing made retrieval difficult and increased the risk of incorrect or older versions being used. The company wanted to digitalize the entire process.  

Enhancing the new hire experience 

After just one week, the most important recruitment process was digitally mapped. The checklist is now created electronically and stored in a central database. Email notifications remind new employees and the HR department of the documents that are missing from their file in a fully automated workflow. Authorized employees can view and edit their documents at any time – without versioning errors.  
“It’s not trivial to dynamically read out the right content from a large number of documents created on a daily basis and to create weekly reporting from this.” says Finance Director Vasan Velayutham. “Thanks to DocuWare Cloud and the integration with [iPaaS platform], we succeed in this task in a surprisingly simple way and in a very short time.”  

Credit reporting company has a 50% productivity gain with a remote work model 

logo of Advantage Credit a company that supplies credit reportingBased in Evergreen Colorado, Advantage Credit, Inc., (ACI) provides credit reporting services to mortgage lenders, brokers and banks. ACI’s staff dependence on paper-intensive processes made it essential for everyone to work from the office. After a decade in the credit reporting services business, Don Unger, President of ACI, began noticing an increase in employee turnover. He realized that if his employees could work remotely, he could offer them more flexible schedules and retain these highly skilled workers.  
Given the large number of paper files and records that each employee needed to access, Unger needed a secure document management solution; one that digitized paper documents, securely archived them and offered fast retrieval and collaboration from anywhere, anytime. That’s one of the many reasons he chose DocuWare Cloud.  

Remote workers are more productive and happier 

ACI hasn’t had any staff turnover since the company implemented the cloud solution. With the previous business model, three to four employees typically left each year causing service, training and financial impact. "Being able to offer flexible work schedules has enabled me to keep my experienced staff, a valued asset to my company,” Unger says. “We’ve also been able to grow our business without adding personnel, and we still have room to grow in the future.” 

Be ready to take on tomorrow’s business challenges 

With cloud-based software, the role of adapting to evolving security and regulatory requirements is transferred to the cloud service provider. Companies can concentrate on their fundamental business objectives — which has been the end goal of office automation technology all along.  
DocuWare is committed to investing time, resources and talent to ensure our cloud solution encompasses every technological advancement. Collaborative and continuous improvement are the hallmarks of the agile methodology that our software developers use. This is just one of the ways that the company accelerates the software development process and addresses emerging business issues to meet customer expectations. DocuWare is poised to overcome any new challenges the future brings, so that our customers can always stay ahead of the competition. 
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