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Case Study: Logistics

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DocuWare transformed its accounts payable process and Denver Cold Storage & Denver Logistics is extending its application to Customer Service in order to expedite operational workflows.

With over 130 dedicated employees, the company supports hundreds of clients in need of specialized temperature-controlled bulk storage and logistics solutions.   

Denver Cold Storage and Denver Logistics serve hundreds of food manufacturers, providing temperature-controlled storage in freezers, coolers, or at ambient conditions. Their offerings extend to freight transport, order fulfillment, and specialized projects. Hindered by a dated, paper-reliant system, inefficiencies emerged. “With the global trend towards digitalization and our vendors and customers embracing automation, we realized the urgency of adaptation,” Fisher states. In response, DocuWare was implemented in the summer of 2023 to modernize our operations.  

Accounting |Customer Service

Before DocuWare, paper invoices circulated manually for approval, making tracking difficult. Now, we monitor our cash flow in real time, knowing precisely the location of each invoice.

Dustin Fisher
Director of Finance

Starting small to expand later  

Embarking on digitization was a large task, prompting the company to initiate with Accounts Payable as an introductory project. Denver Cold Storage frequently acquires a variety of items, including office supplies, warehouse equipment, packing materials, and truck parts, leading to  

a steady stream of invoices. Before DocuWare, managing these invoices involved printing and circulating paper copies, creating a physical Accounts Payable file, making tracking challenging. “A paper invoice would circulate from person to person for approval, complicating our ability to monitor their progress,” Fisher explains. With DocuWare, we can now pinpoint the exact status of each invoice and identify who needs to approve it next. The shift to digital also resulted in significant time savings. “The inefficiency of physically delivering documents is often underestimated,” Fisher observes. “Adopting DocuWare has significantly streamlined our processes.”   

DocuWare enhances cash flow management 

Real-time access to invoices via DocuWare has transformed our approach to managing cash flow. Being able to anticipate significant expenses and manage finances more effectively is a direct benefit of this system. Moreover, DocuWare plays a key role in eliminating duplicate payments. “We’ve configured DocuWare to weed out duplicate invoices, safeguarding against double payments or approvals,” Fisher clarifies. This functionality ensures we maintain precise control over our cash flow. DocuWare further streamlines processes by automatically identifying the appropriate approver for each invoice, based on historical approval data, and efficiently routing it. 

“Immediately after an invoice is received—whether scanned from paper or routed automatically from emails sent to a designated address—we can track its exact location,” Fisher says, also noting that DocuWare prompts approvers with reminders for pending approvals, facilitating quicker turnaround times. With around 25 active users, our company processes hundreds of documents weekly, a number expected to surge as we implement DocuWare in our Customer Service operations. This automation, especially the direct routing of emailed invoices into DocuWare, significantly enhances efficiency, freeing up valuable time and resources. 

A much-anticipated customer service system rollout   

The Customer Service Department’s workflow is intricately paper-based, involving numerous steps. “Within our operations, we manage two core activities: inbound and outbound workflows,” Fisher details. 

These processes necessitate close coordination among customers, warehouse personnel, and our truck fleet to efficiently manage incoming products and ensure their timely delivery, currently dependent on manual paperwork.“At present, it’s a manual system, burdened with paper stacks,” Fisher observes. Documents are physically scanned, a method both time-intensive and unwieldy. However, a significant shift is on the horizon, with operations set to migrate to DocuWare in the coming months. “The anticipation for this change is high,” Fisher shares, signaling a move towards streamlined, efficient workflows. 

DocuWare is set up to identify duplicate invoices so we're not accidentally double paying or double approving invoices.

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