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DocuWare storageRobot: The new module for special import cases

DocuWare storageRobot for special import cases

Many ERP and merchandise management systems generate outgoing documents, journals and lists as finished files that are to be saved in various formats in the archive, mailbox or file system. 
Some use cases pose particular challenges, for example with regard to the source, the options for database queries or the index file formats. This is where the new DocuWare storageRobot module supports you.

DocuWare storageRobot is an extension module for unique or complex use cases when importing documents into DocuWare document trays and file cabinets. This includes requirements such as (S)FTP sources, UnZIP, database queries, XML or clipping to already archived documents. With its features, storageRobot creates greater flexibility for special cases.

These are the advantages:


Highly variable in terms of sources and destinations

Both the mailbox and the file system as well as an FTP server can serve as a source. For example, if Intelligent Indexing is activated for a document tray, documents recognized as "green" can be filed automatically. ZIP files are treated like folders and the documents they contain are archived and processed individually.

storageRobot supports not only DocuWare file cabinets, but also document trays and file system folders as targets. Document trays can be selected dynamically based on read values.

For all SQL databases & index files

All common index file formats are supported, e.g. XML, CSV or INI. The metadata can be seamlessly read directly from or written back to databases via SQL during processing.

Recognizing and reading barcodes and text

You can also have all types of barcodes, such as QR codes, read out. For text PDFs, you can choose between OCR and text extraction. All values or respective parts can be used for indexing or for separating documents. Blank pages can also be sorted out.

DocuWare storageRobot processes even large volumes of over 100,000 documents reliably and securely and offers extensive logging with notification services.

Suitable for all DocuWare systems

To connect to DocuWare Cloud, DocuWare storageRobot must be installed locally. An additional license is required.
If you use DocuWare as a locally installed system, DocuWare storageRobot is available as an add-on module.