Protect Yourself Against Cryptoviruses

You’ve heard some of the odd names like Locky, Petya or WannaCry. Again and again, cryptoviruses infect computers in companies and cause serious data loss. Fortunately, Documents archived in DocuWare are protected from these nasty pests – thanks to the unique architecture of DocuWare.


Cryptoviruses are often hidden in email attachments or links. They encrypt the files in the file system so that they cannot be used afterwards or only against a ransom payment to hackers.

When a user accesses synched cloud storage or a filesharing server with their infected machine, the virus can encrypt the entire content of the cloud storage.

With DocuWare this cannot happen with archived documents. The files stored are read and written only by DocuWare server components. Only an account for DocuWare Services requires write access. Thus, since there is no bi-directional synchronization with the file system. A cryptovirus on a client machine cannot cause any damage to the DocuWare system.

More information about the inner workings of DocuWare can be found in the System Architecture White Paper.


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