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Enhancements to DocuWare SDK NuGet packages

For more than six years now, we have been offering our customers and Partners the DocuWare SDK (Software development Kit) as easy-to-use NuGet ... Read more

Whitelisting the delivery of PartnerInfo Newsletters

Email is a simple and efficient way to communicate but sending an email doesn’t automatically lead to its delivery. To receive our PartnerInfo, for ... Read more

Simplify the creation of a cloud trial - Two links now available on the Partner Portal dashboard

It just got a lot easier to create cloud test deployments for yourself or your customers from the Partner Portal (see image below). Read more

Exporting data from DocuWare - existing options and planned modules

There will soon be another option available for exporting data out of DocuWare for use in other applications. Until now, this was done using the ... Read more

Instructions for DocuWare for Smart Document Control

Special how-to manuals are written specifically for users of the preconfigured cloud solution DocuWare for Smart Document Control. These helpful ... Read more

New how-to resource for getting started with DocuWare

DocuWare’s Knowledge Center provides a lot of useful information for DocuWare users. This central platform was recently expanded with over 30 how-to ... Read more

New Process Planners: Approval diagrams for the preconfigured solution for invoice processing

The NEW approval diagrams created with the DocuWare Process Planner are clear and simply designed. They will help you understand the workflow for ... Read more

DocuWare Cloud version 7.4 - Preview to Authorized DocuWare Partners

Exclusive to Authorized DocuWare Partners is a preview of DocuWare Cloud 7.4. We encourage you to use this time before the official cloud release at ... Read more

Tips for creating a DocuWare Cloud Trial

To create a cloud organization, it’s key to set it up under the name of a customer/prospect. This is important because we cannot assign cloud ... Read more

DocuWare Support Lifecycle Guidelines

As published last year, a new "Support Lifecycle Policy" (see PartnerInfo 270) has been introduced to provide the best possible support and improve ... Read more

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