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Common preconfigured solutions FAQs

How is the document action date used in the Smart Document Control solution? When storing documents, you can enter an Action Date in each of the DW - ... Read more

Preconfigured solutions – Manual update

With your own preconfigured solutions, you can use DocuWare's existing best-practice solutions and adapt them to your customer base or build ... Read more

What’s new in preconfigured cloud solutions

All preconfigured solutions are updated to DocuWare version 7.5 and available in the DocuWare Trial. Read more

Preconfigured solutions news and resources

Manual and statement of work documents are updated and available for you from the Partner Resources web page. All links to this article can be found ... Read more

Upgrade required for internal DocuWare database version 1

If an internal DocuWare database version 1 is still running on a locally installed DocuWare system, it must be upgraded before you can upgrade to ... Read more

New preconfigured solution – DocuWare for Electronic Signature

We are happy to share the newest member of our preconfigured solution line of products: DocuWare for Electronic Signature. This is a flexible ... Read more

Common preconfigured solutions FAQs

Are there different language versions of the preconfigured solutions? Yes, currently available are the following. Read more

New preconfigured solutions announced

DocuWare for Smart Document Control – Available now! DocuWorld was the perfect opportunity to learn about DocuWare for Smart Document Control. Our ... Read more

New in preconfigured cloud solutions – combining solutions (export/import feature)

Beginning with DocuWare version 7.4, you are now able combine preconfigured solutions, for example, Invoice Processing and Smart Document Control. ... Read more

Go digital with our preconfigured solutions

There is no better way to celebrate Earth Day on April 22 than by eliminating wasteful paper to help our environmental future. Read more

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