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New preconfigured solutions announced

Preconfigured cloud solutions

DocuWare for Smart Document Control – Available now!
DocuWorld was the perfect opportunity to learn about DocuWare for Smart Document Control. Our latest preconfigured solution helps companies manage their business documents securely, find them quickly and use them intelligently. Anytime, anywhere.

More urgently than ever, companies are looking to implement a paperless, web-based, and mobile-access solution to help them overcome their daily office challenges. DocuWare for Smart Document Control offers the ideal solution with a quick on-ramp. Tightly controlled access rights, automating assignments and monitoring due date are just the start.

You can learn more by visiting the Partner resources page.

DocuWare for Electronic Signature – Coming soon!
DocuWare for Electronic Signature is a flexible solution for signing documents. Documents are sent directly from a workflow to an external Trust Service Provider for an advanced or qualified signature. Once the signer’s identity has been verified and the document signed, it is automatically sent back to DocuWare and key users are notified. You also can sign documents before or after the qualified signing. In addition, you can sign incoming documents when your signature is needed.

The solution offers many different signature methods (such as access code, phone, embedded link via email, Biometric) with one of our approved electronic signature providers - Validated ID and DocuSign.

Ideal Add-on
DocuWare for Electronic Signature is available as a stand-alone solution but is particularly suitable in combination with our other preconfigured solutions, for example, DocuWare for Smart Document Control, or existing systems with DocuWare Version 7.4.

This solution is expected to be available in the Partner Trial starting at the end of May. The DWBUC file can then be downloaded from the resources page as the other preconfigured solutions.

If there is a urgent need for this solution before it is released please contact with the specific details.

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