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How Desktop Apps boost your DocuWare workplace

DocuWare's Desktop Apps provide you with a whole range of useful applications. For example, you can scan documents directly into your tray; store email from Outlook in a tray or straight into a file cabinet; and export index data from your documents into your ERP. Here are a few practical tips to help you get the most from your apps.

With DocuWare, you generally work right within your web browser. But there are additional Desktop Apps that are installed and set up directly on your computer (with just a few clicks) that also offer a lot of handy features.

What are Desktop Apps?
There are three reasons why Desktop Apps are important and useful for your work with DocuWare:

1. Own interface
Desktop Apps include one interface that provides Scan, Import and Smart Connect features in one spot. Open these with a right-click on the DocuWare Icon in the Windows taskbar and then click on Open Desktop Apps.

In the Desktop Apps interface, you can easily manage connections to DocuWare and view the history of processed documents (blue button on the far right).

Desktop Apps 1_EN

  • Import: Documents are automatically imported into DocuWare from a monitored file folder. For example, you can monitor folders in Outlook to import email.
  • Scan: Scan documents at your workstation and adjust resolution and contrast as needed. Save the scans directly into employee trays or archive them in a file cabinet.
  • Smart Connect: No matter what program you're working in, with Highlight Search you just click on a word/phrase or number, enter a keyboard shortcut, and the document you're looking for will be displayed.

2. Full package of DocuWare applications

Desktop Apps as set up on a Client give you several other applications in addition to the three mentioned above. Of these, most either have their own interface (like DocuWare Export) or their functions are integrated with other programs (as with Connect to Outlook).

Desktop Apps 2_EN

  • Connect to Outlook: Import email directly into DocuWare. The quickest way to call up a store configuration in Outlook is just by opening the context menu of an email (right mouse click) and save.
  • Edit & Send: Edit or send documents directly from DocuWare.
  • Export: Export index data from your documents as a CSV file to seamlessly import them into your ERP or accounting program.
  • Printer: Print and archive documents from any application as a PDF, for example from Microsoft Excel.
  • Windows Explorer Client: Integrate DocuWare into Windows File Explorer. This allows you to store and index documents simply by dragging and dropping them onto a folder, just like in your Windows file system.

Desktop Apps also include some administrative applications, like Workflow Designer for Workflow Manager. This lets you create workflows or edit preconfigured workflows.

3. Connection with DocuWare system

The third advantage: Desktop Apps create a technical link between your local computer and your company's DocuWare system. If you use Connect to Outlook, for example, then the Desktop Apps form the bridge through which email from your computer imperceptibly reach a DocuWare tray or file cabinet. At that moment, you‘ll see mail or attached documents in the web browser and can work with them.

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