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In practice: Archiving documents automatically

DocuWare imports documents into a central file cabinet - regardless of where they will ultimately be stored or how they were created. Each document is automatically indexed with key criteria taken from its contents or via barcodes. Are you already taking advantage of all the system‘s built-in options?

No matter where your documents originate, with DocuWare they can be fully indexed and moved into a file cabinet without any manual data entry. These can be paper documents that you scan at your workstation or from network devices. Or electronic documents that you might receive by email and DocuWare automatically imports them from monitored file folders.

It's just as easy to file documents that you create with other software and store them in DocuWare using the print function, like correspondence, contracts or design drawings.

Here’s how to quickly file...every day

There are many options available for importing documents. Here are a few suggestions to make the best possible use of the program‘s import functions and rev up your business processes:

  • Importing electronic invoices: E-invoices with XML meta data can be automatically posted and archived immediately. This reduces costs because there is no need to transfer data manually or by using complex form-reading software. Data entry errors are a thing of the past.

  • Digitally store paper invoices: Add 1D or 2D barcode labels to incoming invoices (for example, with a serial document number) and scan the invoices into a monitored folder. During import, the document number is read from the barcode and the documents are indexed and stored in a file cabinet.

  • If you work with an ERP system that exports all invoices, credit notes and other documents as a PDF, you can automatically store these documents in DocuWare.

  • Print your documents right into a file cabinet: Even from Excel, Word or other programs, you can store documents directly into a file cabinet simply with a print command.

  • Enhance your indexing with existing data: Use information from your existing databases – for example, your ERP system – to enhance your indexing.

  • Distribute documents directly to employees while scanning: With a network scanner, you can also forward documents to colleagues while scanning. DocuWare monitors the network folder - as with the scanned paper invoices mentioned above - and automatically places the scan files right into the DocuWare trays of individual employees or departments.

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