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DocuWare Printer: Printing and Storing in One Step


With DocuWare Printer, you can easily archive your documents using the print function from within other programs like an ERP. 

DocuWare Printer lets you quickly store documents in DocuWare from almost any application simply by using the print command. Just select DocuWare Printer from any program‘s "Print" dialog.  

While printing, DocuWare Printer creates a PDF of the document and places it in your digital document tray or directly into a file cabinet. For standard documents, such as outgoing invoices, quotes or cost estimates, indexing terms are read directly from the document – this means your documents can be archived fully automatically!  

You define how a document is handled via specific configurations, for example, for outgoing A/P invoices:

  • Printing and Filing invoices
    You can store outgoing invoices from any program directly in an electronic file cabinet, including automatic indexing. If the word "invoice" appears at a certain spot in the document, DocuWare will recognize this type of document and select the right configuration for processing your invoices.  
  • Automatic Indexing
    This allows DocuWare to index your invoice for quick filing. For example, a company‘s name is transferred from the invoice to an index field labeled Company Name. At the same time, the DocuWare user‘s name of the employee who is printing/storing the document is recorded in the Accounting Dept Staff“ field. 
  • Separating Pages 
    If, for example, you always want to print and store several two-page invoices one after the other, set in the configuration that the document is to be separated into two page intervals. The invoices will then be available in DocuWare as two-page documents.  
  • Overlaying Letterhead 
    Overlay your company's letterhead on the first page of the document, so that it is always printed and stored this way
  • Easy Distribution 
    Invoices can be automatically attached to an email. Or have DocuWare send the document to your local printer, so that it can be made available on paper and sent out by post. The printout corresponds one-to-one with the archived PDF.