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Desktop Apps: Easily installed

Desktop Apps form a bridge between your computer and DocuWare system, to quickly allow you to use features like Import, Print or Connect to Outlook. The Apps are installed with just a few clicks.

If Desktop Apps are installed on your computer, you can, for example, scan documents directly into a tray or send them by email from a tray or file cabinet. Documents can also be edited with the program in which they were created, right from within DocuWare – for example, to make changes to a spreadsheet in Excel.

What Desktop Apps can do for you

Desktop Apps provide access to the following DocuWare applications:

  • Connect to Outlook: save email in DocuWare via Outlook menu command.
  • Edit & Send: Edit or send documents directly from DocuWare.
  • Import: Import documents automatically from a monitored file folder.
  • Printer: Print and store documents from any application as a PDF.
  • Scan: Capture documents and store them directly in a tray or file cabinet.
  • Smart Connect: Display matching documents in DocuWare from other applications, like an ERP.
  • Windows Explorer Client: Integrate DocuWare in Windows file explorer.
  • Workflow Designer for Workflow Manager: Create workflows or edit preconfigured workflows.

Installed in a snap

For these applications, you‘ll need to run the Desktop Apps locally on your computer. Installation is simple...

  1. Open the DocuWare Client and its main menu (click on the user name).
  2. Select Desktop Apps > Install Desktop Apps.
    Desktop Apps EN_1

  3. Wait for the DocuWare Desktop Apps setup to download into your Downloads folder, and then double-click to launch it.
  4. From the apps described above, just pick the ones you need to get your work done!
    Desktop Apps EN_2

  5. Follow the Setup instructions.
  6. Upon successful installation, connect the Desktop Apps to your DocuWare system – again in the main menu of the client via Desktop Apps > Connect Desktop Apps (Figure 1).

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