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New Feature: Exporting Index Data

Want to use data from DocuWare in another program – for example, your ERP? Now you can use the new DocuWare Export app to transfer document index data. It’s simple to integrate DocuWare with third party applications like your accounting package and many others.

Here’s a particularly handy option for invoices, so that you can use indexing data processed in DocuWare and use it in another system, usually an ERP. Export the index data of your documents as a CSV file with the new DocuWare Export app.


Run an export on the fly or schedule it for later

The right setting for every accounting system
You set your export process up in DocuWare configuration. DocuWare covers all the important conventions that the leading accounting systems specify for the structure import of data.

DocuWare Export

Get started right away with DocuWare Cloud
DocuWare Export is included in DocuWare Cloud. For DocuWare as an On-Premises system, it will be available with the next DocuWare version and require its own additional license.

Since the feature set is almost identical, DocuWare Export will replace the DocuWare Data Export Tool. Starting with the next DocuWare release, the DocuWare Data Export Tool will no longer be available for new sales. Customers with a license for the DocuWare Data Export Tool can continue to use it, and support will also continue. So there is no need to switch from the DocuWare Data Export Tool to DocuWare Export.

The feature is being rolled out gradually for all Cloud customers. You should see the function in the DocuWare Configuration during the 27th calendar week at the latest.

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