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Connect to Teams: Notifications for workflow tasks

With the latest update of the DocuWare App for Microsoft Teams, users can now receive notifications about DocuWare workflow tasks via Microsoft Teams ... Read more

Focus: Ease of use and security

With Release 7.10, you can conveniently scroll through multi-page documents using the mouse wheel and save valuable time thanks to automatic form ... Read more

Digital forms make handovers & sign-offs easy

Handover or sign-off protocols are common in many types of businesses and inudstries. You’ll see them when renting a car or apartment. Or during ... Read more

From AD to DocuWare: Master user synchronization with ease

By linking your user directory from Active Directory to DocuWare, you can avoid duplicate user administration. Our answers to the most frequently ... Read more

Transparent lifecycle of your documents

Want to check what happened to a document? Who shared it or who downloaded it last? With DocuWare, the information is at your fingertips with just a ... Read more

More automation possible with table calculation in forms

With the new versatile table calculation features in DocuWare Forms, you can better meet your accounting needs to speed up processes. Find out what's ... Read more

Discontinuation of old user synchronization included in DocuWare administration

Since DocuWare version 7.0, user synchronization can be managed with the DocuWare User Synchronization Desktop App, for both on-premises and cloud ... Read more

New: DocuWare Outlook Add-in

Here’s a new way to easily connect Microsoft Outlook web versions to DocuWare Cloud. Since all browsers are supported, Mac users can now also store ... Read more

2023/24: What was important, what's coming?

For users, admins and anyone who wants to get more out of their system, here is a brief overview of this past year‘s most important topics – and an ... Read more

Tip: Reusing data from a result list

Index terms for documents contain lots of valuable information. And they are easy to analyze with the help of a CSV export and then used for further ... Read more