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A win-win: Personnel management with DocuWare


As it becomes increasingly difficult to find qualified specialist personnel in the "war for talent," employee satisfaction is even more critical. Efficient and employee-friendly processes are the key here. Your colleagues from the HR department also appreciate the support.

Multiple manual entries, scattered employee data and unstructured processes? It’s all in the past! With DocuWare, you can easily digitize and automate your document-based HR processes. This allows you to simplify and accelerate all tasks that arise in the human resources arena. A welcome relief for both your HR department and your employees.

With DocuWare, you can create more transparency throughout your company and give employees valuable time that they can use for mission-critical work rather than processes.


DocuWare for Personnel Management - the Solution

The human resources sector is becoming increasingly important and its tasks more and more diverse. The DocuWare cloud solution for personnel management supports HR teams with digital employee files and automated HR workflows:



Automate and manage all processes in a legally compliant manner

You manage your HR documents centrally and securely in a file cabinet that helps you comply with all legal requirements regarding data protection and retention periods. Whether application documents, payroll accounting or annual employee interviews: documents are stored, retrieved and shared in electronic personnel files in seconds.

In addition, with the help of Workflow Manager you can centrally manage all personnel-relevant tasks and automate your HR processes throughout an employee‘s work life: from the application and on-boarding process for new hires all the way to career support to leaving the company.


Less bureaucracy - more time for important matters

Not only the HR department benefits from a DocuWare solution. Employees save time and nerves because they no longer have to request documents from the HR department or deal with lengthy bureaucratic processes.

Thanks to encrypted data and authorized access, employees can now directly view their own HR documents. For example, employees can view their personnel files at any time and check their pay slips from any location.

DocuWare also greatly simplifies necessary processes that are generally unpopular with employees, such as travel expense accounting. This means they only need to waste a small amount of valuable working time on such matters. Even submitting a paper sick report is a thing of the past thanks to DocuWare: This can now be easily photographed and submitted digitally by an employee and then automatically filed and archived by the system.

With DocuWare, you can give your company numerous strategic advantages by improving processes, which will significantly increase your productivity and employee satisfaction.


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