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DocuWare for Human Resources: Successfully Managing Applications

Tug-of-war for the best candidates, talent management and team building: How can HR professionals lead their companies successfully into the future? Digital document management is the basis for strategically realigning HR processes and offering more support to employees. Perfect timing then for a new series in DocuWare‘s product blog that‘s devoted to "DocuWare for Human Resources." In the first part, we’ll cover five key benefits for managing job applicants:


The sooner an invitation for an interview is sent out, the quicker you can sign on a desired candidate. DocuWare helps HR teams reduce the time spent on applicant management and establish a targeted application process.

1.    Structure incoming applications
No matter if application letters arrive by mail, by email or online – DocuWare makes it possible to process applications uniformly and share them with colleagues and decisionmakers via a centrally accessible platform. Immediately upon arrival, each application is stored in a digital folder in DocuWare; job applicants then automatically receive an acknowledgment of receipt via email.

2.    Provide simple online applications
Online forms are an ideal way for job seekers to get in touch with their potential employer. With DocuWare, you can easily integrate electronic application forms on your career website. Incoming applications are then immediately archived in DocuWare, which then automatically launches an internal recruiting workflow.

DocuWare for Human Resources: Successfully Managing Applications


3.  Integrate management and department heads
With DocuWare, applications are sent via digital workflow to everyone involved in the selection process. Thanks to annotation and stamp functions, they can give their feedback without changing the original documents. Who has already examined which application? Which ones have already been approved? Thanks to digital processing, everyone in the team can easily track the status of the application process at any time.

4.    Score points with quick response times
First impressions matter: how quickly you respond to applicants reflects well on your company’s image as a good employer – something that shouldn’t be underestimated in these competitive times. DocuWare can help you make decisions quickly and initiate appointments without delay through the use of integrated deadline management, holiday/vacation replacements, email notifications and automatic reminders.

5.    Easy search for key qualifications
What are an applicant‘s strengths? Who speaks Russian or has experience in online marketing? An integrated full-text search in DocuWare makes it possible to specifically search for keywords in application documents. It’s simple then to zero in on suitable resumes/CVs from a big pool of applications.

With more than 600 applications every day, it‘s not easy to keep your eye on everything. But JTE Recruit, based in Singapore, was able to increase their placement speed of applicants by nearly 50 percent thanks to DocuWare. Read more: DocuWare at JTE Recruit.