Garfinkel Immigration Law Firm

Bringing Order to Paperwork

Garfinkel Immigration Law Firm’s primary focus is on corporate immigration relating to bringing trained specialists into the United Sates for employment. Garfinkel, located in Charlotte NC, is a member firm of the Alliance of Business Immigration Lawyers or ABIL, made up of the 20 top US business immigration lawyers in the U.S.


Using DocuWare’s secure digital archive has simplified file management at the firm. Employees, including remote staff, now benefit with instant self-serve access to completed case files. Digital files, whether PC generated or scanned, allow multiple employees to review a file simultaneously for easy collaboration.

Clients also enjoy premium service now that any authorized employee can step in when another attorney is busy in court. The firm was so pleased with its new document management system that they’ve now scanned over 400 boxes of their case history files going back to their inception in 1997, reducing storage costs and providing the firm with a comprehensive database.

"Immigration law involves very long processes and records management is crucial to keeping things running smoothly." Allison H. Keller, Business Operations Manager for Garfinkel.