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Tip: Hide and unhide stamps on a document

In the course of editing a document, stamps and annotations can often accumulate. Want to see your document in its original form again? No problem: one click and you can just hide away what you don’t want to see.

In contrast to stamps on paper, digital stamps in DocuWare are applied on another layer – the so-called annotation level – and it works as if a transparent film is layered over a document. This transparent layer is displayed as the default, so that you can quickly see any processing cues or remarks that were affixed using stamps, notes or other markups. 

But if you want to hide them away – just use the Hide/Unhide Annotation Layer tool. 

You can find this feature in the toolbar of the viewer in the Display section:

Stempel ausblenden EN

As soon as you click on the icon, all attached stamps and other annotations disappear. Click it again and they reappear.

Stemeple einblenden EN


Five annotation layer pro tips

  1. If you hide annotations, they will also be hidden for all other documents that you call up in the viewer – until you re-enable the annotation level again.
  2. Stamps and annotations in the viewer can only be applied when the annotation level is "enabled." Turn it on accordingly if you receive an error message.
  3. Regardless of whether the annotation layer is hidden or not, when downloading, sending or printing from DocuWare, you can decide individually for each document whether this should include annotations.
  4. If you need to add lots of different annotations to a document, you have the option to work with multiple annotation layers and show and hide them independently.
  5. If stamps and notes are at different annotation levels, there is the option to send a PDF when sending a document that contains only the visible or displayed annotations.


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