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Looking back and forward at year’s end

Looking back and forward at year’s end

What were the really important happenings of 2022? What will the next year bring?  The (supposedly) quiet days between Christmas and New Year are ideal for taking stocking and gaining perspective. We’re getting a jump on that! 


The Top 4 DocuWare Highlights from 2022

DocuWare version 7.6 was launched in May and now helps you – among many other things – 
transfer data to third-party software and easily share documents in Microsoft Teams. If you aren’t using these features yet, here’s an overview of key applications and benefits.

This summer we celebrated 10 years of DocuWare Cloud. Initially viewed a bit skeptically by some, DocuWare is now chosen as a cloud-based solution by around 75% of new customers. Have no fear, we continue to keep our eye on the needs of our on-premises customers as well: both solutions are developed in parallel, are based on the same code, and offer nearly identical features. More about the DocuWare Cloud success story

Cloud integrations are now easy with DocuWare iPaaS Connectors. Without the need for any complex interface programming, you can seamlessly connect DocuWare Cloud with other business applications via integration platforms like Make and keep those cross-system workflows humming in your company.  Find out more 

In the fall, we welcomed version 7.7, our second release this year. One highlight among its various innovations is that Intelligent Indexing is now able to automatically fill table fields. A common application for this: transferring invoice items into DocuWare.
More information about the update 

IntellixOnboarding_01_OneclickJust fill in one line manually – with One Click Indexing, DocuWare then automatically takes over adding all other invoice items

What's coming in 2023?

Communication is changing – and so are the tools

Language and the ways in which we communicate are always changing – both in private and in the business world. In the wake of Covid 19 and how we now work from home and many other locations, email exchanges have morphed to include communication platforms like Microsoft Teams. And these aren’t just short chats. Documents are now often shared in this way.

With the new DocuWare app for Microsoft Teams, you can now archive documents directly within the Teams interface in DocuWare. Learn more about DocuWare Connect to Teams.

DocuWare turns 35

Founded in 1988 as DOCUNET AG, DocuWare is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year. This means that you have an experienced and well-established partner at your side! Unlike a start-up, we are able to reap the benefit from all these years of project experience through our work with thousands of customers. It has given us great insight into the complex requirements of various industries and departments within companies, to understand the full context of document-based processes. Please take full advantage of this knowledge and start your next digitization project with us.  Maybe for use of DocuWare in the HR department  or in conjunction with electronic signatures?

New Versions

Two releases are also planned for 2023. Many new features are percolating that will make it even easier for you to work with your documents. This includes new tools to network with DocuWare, to make sure your data and documents are integrated even more seamlessly with other applications. 
All the latest news on these developments can be found on the Product Blog.  If you don't want to miss a thing, be sure to subscribe to UserInfo, our newsletter especially created for DocuWare users , if you haven't already done so.

The DocuWare Product Marketing Team wishes you plenty of good health and success for the coming year!