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Version 7.7 highlight: Intelligent Indexing for invoice items

All invoice items transferred with one click, improved filter options for targeted document access, and integration options by way of iPaaS: Yes, there are many ways for your business to take full advantage of DocuWare version 7.7!

Intelligent Indexing automatically populates table fields

Table fields are often used to map invoice lines in DocuWare. This helps you avoid manually transferring all items to the table field in the store dialog for each invoice.

Intelligent Indexing now gives this process an added boost. Using One Click Indexing, you only have to transfer the contents of the first invoice item to the first row of the table field; all other items are automatically transferred to the corresponding rows of the table field. This even works for multi-page invoices.

IntellixOnboarding_01_OneclickJust fill one line and the rest is handled automatically by DocuWare with One Click Indexing

And of course, Intelligent Indexing keeps on learning from these tables. So even that manual fill of the first row via One Click Indexing won’t be necessary for similar tables after it gets a chance to recognize this pattern. More about the new feature

Integrations via DocuWare iPaaS Connector

DocuWare recently started offering an iPaaS Connector on the Make integration platform for code-free linking of DocuWare Cloud with other cloud applications. For automated workflows across your other business applications, it’s easy to set everything up without programming while also ensuring smooth execution. More about the iPaaS Connector on Make.

To better support these integrations, file cabinet notifications via Webhooks for iPaaS have been optimized in DocuWare version 7.7. Other system options are also available for Webhooks.

Other highlights in DocuWare version 7.7

New features covered in release materials

More information about these and all other news, including descriptions of common application fields and benefits, can be found in What's New in DocuWare Version 7. 7 – online in the Knowledge Center or as a PDF. Also check out: technical changes in this version.

Here’s how the update works

As a DocuWare Cloud customer, you will receive the update without having to worry about it. The DocuWare Cloud Team will inform you about the exact time well in advance.

As a DocuWare customer with an On-Premises system, please contact your Authorized DocuWare Partner. They will also be able to inform you about the new features and advise you on various update options.