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Indexing Documents Correctly - Right from the Start


It’s only when documents are indexed and stored error-free and consistently that they can be used most effectively, whether it’s for a later search or as part of a workflow. DocuWare has loads of features that help you keep your indexing terms nice and tidy, right from the start.

Who hasn‘t mistyped a long sequence of numbers or forgotten to fill out an index field? Errors in manual indexing can happen quickly and the consequences can be far-reaching: The workflow for the document does not start as expected or a document cannot be opened using a third-party application because the integration is based on the missing or incorrectly written index term. 

There’s no need for any of this to happen. DocuWare has special features like select lists, masks and validation that help make sure that documents are stored and correctly indexed. Another big bonus: they can save you loads of time.

Commonly Recurring Index Entries Set in Fixed List

Some index entries are always the same – such as a company's cost centers or the names of customers or suppliers. These can be pre-set into select lists that are will drop down while indexing. A user can then simply select the index terms from the predefined list instead of typing them.

Auswahlliste im DocuWare Client

Cost Center Field in Store Mask with Select List

It‘s even easier if index entries such as customer names or numbers already exist in other data sources such as a CRM. For example, when filing invoices, DocuWare can automatically use the validation feature to check if a supplier number exists in a CRM.

Checking Date and Due Dates

No need to worry about entering the filing date – DocuWare adds this automatically when a new document is stored. This can be viewed in DocuWare‘s system entries: in the context menu, go to the document of the result list > Change index entries. You can also use the storage date for indexing.

With due dates, you can make sure correct due date of an invoice is entered by either using the built-in date picker or simply copying the due date right from the document into the index field.

Help with Complicated Character and Number Sequences

Social assurance numbers and telephone numbers are classic typo sources. Use masks to help everyone stay on track. The document is only saved if the index values correspond with the setup of the fields:

Use masks to help entering long numbers


Filling In Everything...Completely

It's easy to skip over a field. However, if a barcode is missing, for example, invoices may not be properly filed. So it’s best to make your most important fields mandatory.

Quickly Updating Price Lists and Catalogs

Documents like price lists or catalogs are frequently updated and often have to be re-filed. But in many cases, most of the index data usually stays the same. So just transfer a complete indexing record from an already archived document version for quick and consistent storage.

Automatically Index Standard Documents

Let Intelligent Indexing do all the work! This self-learning service classifies documents into different types and automatically searches for relevant index terms in the documents.