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Combining Documents: To Staple or Clip…that is the Question

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A document rarely comes alone. Common pairings include an invoice and a delivery slip, a proposal and a blueprint, or a string of sick leave notices. They often need to be stored together. That's why you can either staple or clip them together in DocuWare. So what’s the difference between the two options?


Let’s say you have multiple documents in your document tray that you’d like to combine. To do this, you start by selecting it and then opening the context menu – but which feature is next? To staple or clip? Here are your options …

You can either staple or clip documents together in DocuWare. So what’s the difference between the two options?


Stapling PDFs Together into a Single Document

The staple function is available for PDFs. A single, new PDF file is then generated from multiple PDF files. This is very useful, for example, when you want to merge documents scanned with DocuWare into a single document that can be scrolled through with the viewer.

Of course, you can also unstaple a multi-paged PDF. This will then be divided into multiple one-paged documents. For example, when you staple a two-page with a three-page PDF document, you’ll get a single file with 5 pages. If you unstaple it, you’ll create five single-paged PDF documents.

Stapling is only available as an option in the document tray when you have selected multiple PDFs. Unstapling becomes available when you have selected a multi-paged PDF.

Electronic Paper Clips for Different File Formats

Clipping documents together is another option when you are working with different file formats. They are combined by using an “electronic paper clip.” The individual files remain. And if you open a clipped document like this in the viewer, you can still scroll through each file.

When unclipping, the clipped document will be divided into its original documents. The individual files are treated as individual documents again.

You can clip together any documents in a document tray. Or you can attach a document from the document tray to one that has already been stored. Similarly in DocuWare, you’ll get a clipped document when you store an email along with its attachments.

You can unclip any clipped documents at any time in the document tray.




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