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2023/24: What was important, what's coming?

2023/24: What was important, what's coming?

For users, admins and anyone who wants to get more out of their system, here is a brief overview of this past year‘s most important topics – and an outlook at what will be driving 2024.

DocuWare users need to stay on top of all the latest trends and developments, so that you can take full advantage of your system. The end of year offers the perfect opportunity to review the past months and offer a brief glimpse into the future. 


Top 3 news items from 2023

Two versions of DocuWare were released plus a super handy app.

  • DocuWare version 7.8
    Since spring, forms are now able to calculate and the recycle bin is your safety net for deleted documents. Find out how you can benefit from these and many other new features.
  • DocuWare version 7.9
    In the fall update, the focus was on the purchase-to-pay process, i.e. the path from purchase requisition to posting of incoming invoices. Read also why the combination of purchase requisition and release along with an incoming invoice process  is particularly beneficial. 


Top 3 tips from 2023

With our tips and tricks, we want to make it even easier for you to work with documents. These were the most read articles that you shouldn't miss:

  • Merging documents: to clip or staple? 
    Attach a delivery slip to an invoice, add a list of participants to the minutes of a meeting: where you would once dig out a stapler or paper clips from your desk drawer, you now simply call up the "Staple" or "Clip" features in DocuWare.
  • Stamps: Right settings for even easier use
    Annotating a document, changing index entries, signing documents or simply ticking off green boxes, stamps can be used in DocuWare for lots of different applications. Set them up the right way and it will make them even easier for your team to use.


The 3 top use cases from 2023

Many customers start using DocuWare with invoice processing. Don't stop there! Take full advantage of document management and workflow automation in these areas as well:

  • Project folders
    It’s so easy to have all the documents relating to a certain project right at your fingertips. No need to copy or store them over and over! In DocuWare, project folders are created and filled (virtually) by themselves.
  • HR management
    With digital personnel files, employees can access their own records – at any time, from anywhere – and submit all their applications online. Have you added this productivity boost to your company yet? Here are 7 ideas for bringing speed and transparency into your HR management.
  • Audit preparation
    If a tax audit or any other kind of audit is imminent, there is often little time to compile all the documents that will be needed. Here’s how to do this in no time at all with DocuWare.


Top 3 topics for 2024

Here’s what will play a big role this next year:

  • Artificial intelligence
    AI is on everyone's lips, opportunities and risks are being discussed all over the world. Of course, DocuWare is all about new technology – for internal applications, customer service and, above all, in product development. Answering questions about documents or providing a summary of a longer document at the touch of a button are just two examples of the potential of AI. As attractive as such features may sound, you should not use them hastily and neglect security aspects. With DocuWare, you have a conscientious Partner at your side. We know the security and confidentiality of your documents and data are your most valuable asset. As an introduction to the topic, feel free to read our AI guide for organizations
  • Integrations
    Only by connecting DocuWare with other enterprise applications can you make the most of your data and ensure a smooth flow of information. In 2024, the already wide range of integration options will  be expanded even further. Stay tuned for new features in the areas of email archiving, document import, and data and document export.
  • E-invoices
    There’s no stopping the electronic exchange of invoices. In all EU member states, companies will soon have to report taxes digitally to the tax authorities on the basis of electronic invoicing. The topic is also gaining in importance outside the EU. DocuWare monitors further development in order to meet the upcoming requirements on the product side and to keep you up to date, for example about the various e-reporting models.

We will keep you in the know on these and other important topics here on the product blog. To make sure you don't miss anything, subscribe to our monthly customer newsletter "UserInfo." 

The DocuWare Product Marketing Team wishes you all the best for the new year!