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2022: Onward with digitization

This past year, with all its ups and downs, has definitely shown us one thing consistently: Digitization is essential for virtually every industry. With that in mind, we have some recommended next steps for you to plan now – and help secure the viability of your company into a digitized future.

As with many technology topics, the same holds true for digitization: standing still is the same as taking a step backwards.

As a DocuWare customer, you know this and are already well on your way. But have you exhausted the system's possibilities and application scenarios? Digitized all document types? Mapped all processes?

The benefits are quickly seen across the board. Colleagues can productively work from anywhere – an office, at home or en route. Processes become faster and are always transparent. Compliance guidelines are more easily adhered to. And last but not least, you save paper for printouts and multiple copies – our forests thank you!

DocuWare – the company
With DocuWare as your technology partner, you have a strong provider at your side. In business for over 33 years, DocuWare has a wealth of experience from thousands of customer projects and offers a broad portfolio for digitizing all document-related business processes. In 2021, the company continued to grow, offering you further security for your investment and the future:
  • Approx. 20% growth in customers
  • Approx. 18% growth in employees
  • Worldwide customer base grew to over 15,000 - of which over 5,000 are in the Cloud
  • Global sales network now includes over 800 certified Partner companies

Use forms to capture data in a targeted manner and get workflows moving

Your company probably needs to keep purchasing items. This is how a streamlined approval process can look with DocuWare: To place an order, employees enter the company, goods, price, reason for the order as well as their cost center into a form and attaches a cost estimate if required. The request automatically goes to the cost center manager for approval. After approval, the initiator receives a message to place the order. Later, when the invoice arrives in accounting, colleagues can post directly because the approval has already been given and documented in the workflow.

If you plan on hiring more employees in the new year, here’s a great example of how forms help with the onboarding process.

Sign documents electronically

Get a contract by mail, print it out, sign it, scan it, mail it back? That’s so old school! With electronic signatures, it's faster and can be done from anywhere, even without a printer. And, of course, legal security is ensured. Watch this webinar recording to see how easy it is to implement with DocuWare together with Validated ID and DocuSign.

Archive all sorts of document types

You’ve probably got your invoices safely stored in a DocuWare file cabinet – but how about all those other document types swirling about? The list of documents in a typical business environment is long and growing. And the need to document everything in order to be compliant with shifting rules and regulations (especially in a covid world) keeps growing. A DocuWare file cabinet is the ideal home for all these documents as well: securely archived, access restricted, processes under control, location-independent.

To keep up with Covid-rules, we've created a preconfigured solution that you can import into your DocuWare system with just a few clicks, and it's ready to go right out of the box. Read more here.

See other projects on the horizon that you want to tackle in 2022? Your DocuWare Partner is always ready to help!

In the meantime...we wish you a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year. Stay healthy!

Your DocuWare Product Marketing Team


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