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More integration options with version 7.5

The new DocuWare version contains many new features that make it even easier to integrate DocuWare into your IT landscape. This applies to both on-premises systems and DocuWare Cloud.

DocuWare is made to integrate with your third-party applications – for everything from data synchronization to cross-system processes. Here‘s what's new in the integration department:

DocuWare Export
With the new Desktop App, you can export index data from selected documents in universal CSV format. This is extremely useful for invoices, for example, to transfer the data into an accounting system.

DWExport Kollage EN
DocuWare Export: Desktop App and Configuration Module

DocuWare Export has been available in DocuWare Cloud for a few months – and can now also be used with on-premises installations with an additional license.
More about DocuWare Export.

File cabinet notifications with Webhooks
As soon as new documents are stored in the file cabinet or index entries are changed, DocuWare sends notifications in the form of a request to a URL. The third-party application monitors this URL and once it receives a message, can trigger a process.
An example from invoice processing: DocuWare periodically notifies the accounting system when an invoice is reviewed and the document status changes to "approved." The accounting system then synchronizes the document status and releases the invoice for payment.
More about the new feature

REST web service in workflow
Complementing SOAP, you can now implement REST web services and webhooks as part of workflow activities, making it easier to share data between systems, especially cloud applications.
Applications, benefits and configuration

Further highlights of DocuWare version 7.5

All new features in the release description
For more information on these and all other new features, including application areas and benefits, see New in DocuWare Version 7.5, in the Knowledge Center or as a PDF. You can also read more about specific technical changes in this version.

How the update works
As a DocuWare Cloud customer, you will receive the update without having to do anything. The DocuWare Cloud team will inform you in good time about when the update is coming.

As a DocuWare customer with an on-premises system, please contact your Authorized DocuWare Partner. They will inform you about the new features and advise you on various update options.