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DocuWorld Partner Conference 2024 Houston, TX

Shaping Tomorrow DocuWorld, an exclusive event for Authorized DocuWare Partners only, will be held in Houston, Texas on May 16-17, 2024. We will host ... Read more

Invite your contacts to DocuWare’s next webinar (Americas)

Next week’s prospect webinar on December 12 will feature the “10 best practices for stress-free document management.” This topic is based on our ... Read more

Discontinuation of User Synchronization in DocuWare Administration

Since DocuWare version 7.0, user synchronization can be managed with the DocuWare User Synchronization Desktop App, for both on-premises and cloud ... Read more

Discontinuation of GL Coding

The split booking tool offered by DocuWare Professional Services for transferring accounting records to financial accounting systems will be ... Read more

New in DocuWare Forms: Sums across multiple tables

As of December 29, DocuWare Forms will include an extension to the recently introduced table calculation feature. Users will be able to aggregate ... Read more

Pre-Announcement: New Expansion Modules

We are adding two new modules to our portfolio, which you’ll find in the price list beginning January 2024: DocuWare storageRobot and DocuWare ... Read more

DocuWare add-in for Microsoft Outlook News

This new add-in enables an easy connection of DocuWare Cloud with Microsoft Outlook, both with the web and desktop version and is suitable for ... Read more

DocuWorld Partner Conference 2024 (Berlin) – Theme, Agenda & Registration

DocuWorld 2024 – Shaping Tomorrow Our highly anticipated annual DocuWorld Partner Conference is exclusively reserved for Authorized DocuWare ... Read more

Update of the DocuWare App for Microsoft Teams

The update, which was teased about in July, is now ready! The current app is available to all users in the Apps section of Microsoft Teams. Customers ... Read more

Oracle Migration: Join our pilot program starting now

If you have DocuWare on-premises customers using Oracle, you might be interested in supporting a new pilot program for our migration tools. This is a ... Read more

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