New Case Studies (July)

There are two new case studies available: SALUS Group, Ljubljana (Slovenia) and KPM Media-Group, Johannesburg (South Africa).

SALUS_Group-online-logoSALUS Group, Ljubljana (Slovenia)

As a service provider, the SALUS Group specializes in the medical and pharmaceutical business. Since switching to DocuWare, more than 7,000 documents are read out automatically every month, contracts are signed electronically, and quality management documents are stored securely in a digital file cabinet. 

KPM-Group-online-logoKPM Media-Group, Johannesburg (South Africa)

The South African KPM Media Group advises companies on the optimal use of their advertising budgets. Since 2021, a cloud-based document management solution has supported the media agency and ensured stable and long-term customer relationships. 


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