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As a service provider, the SALUS Group specializes in the medical and pharmaceutical business. Since switching to DocuWare, more than 7,000 documents are read out automatically every month, contracts are signed electronically, and quality management documents are stored securely in a digital file cabinet.

Founded in 1969, the SALUS Group is a leading partner in Central and Eastern Europe for global biotech and medical companies. SALUS handles their marketing, sales and distribution of medical products, pharmaceuticals, and nutritional supplements. Thanks to solid growth, the eleven companies of the Group are now represented in 13 countries with over 480 employees. More than a third of all employees use DocuWare daily for automated document processing.

Before implementing DocuWare, SALUS initially relied on a local document management system (DMS), but this was not suitable for all documents. For example, due to their diversity and complexity, incoming delivery notes continued to be processed on paper and only header data of incoming invoices was processed electronically. This led to extensive problems, especially in the accounting department with its limited staffing. At the same time, the old solution was cost-intensive, because every change request led to long consulting and adjustment phases. DocuWare came to the company's attention through its MS Dynamics NAV partner. An initial solution presentation was convincing. After a successful pilot installation made it clear that the system also covered all other requirements, management gave the green light for a full installation, which the DocuWare partner completed in April 2021 within the time and resource schedule. 

Service Provider
Sales |Quality Management |Accounting |Purchasing
Microsoft Dynamics NAV |Digital Signature (Validated ID)

Switching to a new DMS has opened up a whole new dimension in our understanding of processes. Over the last few months, we've been able to see how DocuWare has decisively improved workflows and thus made the Group more efficient.

Gregor Jenko
Member of the Board, SALUS Group, Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Recognition rate with 95 percent accuracy

Today, four of the Group's eleven companies work with DocuWare on a daily basis, totaling more than 150 users. The largest area of use is the purchasing process, which covers the entire ordering workflow as well as the fully automated processing of over 7,000 delivery bills and invoices received each month. A purchase order created in NAV automatically generates a corresponding document in the central document pool, which the purchaser can transmit to the supplier by e-mail. The delivery notes received with the goods are scanned in batches, read, and indexed by DocuWare and archived in the file cabinet. At the same time, the DMS transfers the corresponding data to NAV, where a comparison is made with the open purchase orders. SALUS receives all invoices almost exclusively by e-mail in a mailbox set up for this purpose. In this case, too, the solution automatically reads out all document information, right down to the individual invoice lines. By comparing the invoice with the purchase receipt data from NAV, the system checks exactly whether the goods invoiced match the original order and the goods received in terms of unit, price, tax rate and discount. The automated invoice readout achieves an accuracy of over 95 percent. If the data matches, posting a transaction is limited to a single mouse click by an accounting employee. In the event of discrepancies, the system highlights the incorrect line so that Purchasing can consult with the supplier. In addition to its intensive use in purchasing, SALUS also uses the solution for all outgoing documents, quality management documents in line with GxP requirements, and in contract management. For the latter, the DocuWare partner adapted the Validated ID signature service integrated into the DMS to meet strict FDA guidelines.

Linked business processes for greater efficiency

DocuWare has taken the SALUS Group a big step forward in its digitization process. Thanks to fully automated document capture, the Group is now able to link all the documents in a process with each other – even across different IT systems via appropriate integrations. Documents can be accessed from the DMS or from NAV at the push of a button and are shown directly on the screen. Accordingly, employees can trace any business process on the basis of the original documents and act quickly in cases of conflict. The result: many of the workflows within the SALUS Group have been decisively improved and trimmed to efficiency.

There are often discrepancies between the supplier invoice and the original order. In the past, our employees had to slog through up to forty pages to find the error. Today, DocuWare completes this task in a fraction of a second.

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