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Case Study: Media

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The South African KMP Media Group advises companies on the optimal use of their advertising budgets. Since 2021, a cloud-based document management solution has supported the media agency and ensured stable and long-term customer relationships.

Founded in Johannesburg in 2008, the dynamically growing KMP Media specializes in TV, radio, print and billboard advertising. 20 employees are in constant contact with customers and vendors across the African continent. The document management system (DMS) DocuWare has supported the company in all document-based processes since 2021.

KMP Media acts as an intermediary in the advertising business: on the one hand, the agency sells advertising placements to customers and, on the other, buys them from the relevant providers, i.e. media companies or broadcasters. Previously, both sales and buying processes generated a vast amount of paper. For example, customers had to fill out order forms for the desired placements, which the company then received and processed. The buying process at media companies was similar. In addition to the five to ten pages of processing documents, there were formal consulting contracts and countless invoices, which were filed in the respective customer files. Between 5,000 and 10,000 documents accumulated in this way every month. A large part of the staff was merely busy sorting and archiving documents. Even more frustrating was the search for important documents, for example when there was a query from the customer or supplier side.

South Africa

Since using the cloud-based solution, my employees have significantly more time. The hours we used to waste on paperwork are now being used profitably to build strong, long-term business relationships with our customers – an investment that pays off in a very short time.

Pushpinder Singh
Managing Director, KMP Media Group, Johannesburg

It was not uncommon for consultants to spend several hours getting an overview of the current situation before they were able to devote themselves to their actual task – with a significant delay. Partly because of the negative impact on service quality, management began to look for solutions that eliminated the paper-based problems. Through an Internet search, they came across DocuWare and its local implementation partner. Both the problem analysis and the proposed solution convinced the company, so that just one month later KMP Media had an individually configured DocuWare Cloud account.

Digital customer folder at the push of a button

Today, project-based documents are rarely printed out at KMP Media. Instead, they use digital records – in the ordering process, for example, the web forms provided by the cloud-based solution. Both customers and vendors fill out these browser-based forms with their data on their own screens and transfer the content to KMP’s digital file cabinet at the touch of a button. From there, the consultants can simply call up the documents and process them accordingly. Customer invoices are also printed directly from the accounting solution Sage Evolution to the digital file cabinet and are immediately available in the electronic customer folder along with other documents.

Better service for stronger customer loyalty

Thanks to the DMS, all employees at KMP Media can concentrate on their actual tasks again, because filing and searching for documents is now a thing of the past. If a document is needed, it can be displayed on the screen within seconds using index-based searches. The system's simple user interface in particular has contributed significantly to acceptance on the part of employees. At the same time, management is able to control processes and financial statements more easily. Ultimately, the media agency has been able to significantly improve its service, resulting in stronger customer loyalty and higher sales. Based on the consistently positive experience so far, KMP Media expanded its use of DocuWare to include human resources: Electronic archiving helps the company comply with strict data protection regulations more easily, thereby saving further costs.

Since implementing the DMS, we can focus more on the front office, because DocuWare handles many back-office tasks automatically.

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