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Invoice Processing for US: New functions & features for Workflow Settings, approvals, GL table coding and Forms

Preconfigured cloud solutions

Faster processing accounts payable – that was our focus for the new version (v7.6T1) of this preconfigured solution.

Easier Workflow Setting Options

IP settings

All other functions and features are ready to use in the solutions. There are no workflow settings required to update.

Straight-Through Approvals
The straight-through approvals are defined in the vendor master record for QuickMatch (a dollar limit set in the vendor master file) and our new multi-way document match.

The multi-way document match allows any number of document types to match to an invoice. For example, an invoice to PO & packing slip. If the invoice matches the defined criteria in the vendor master file, it will go directly to the completion process. Document types can be defined for each individual vendor for approval. In addition, there is a new multi-way match error handling within validation.

GL Table prefill options
The new workflows offer several GL prefill options for entering data into GL coding table before presenting the invoice to approvers. The new configuration supports:

Even Distribution
Distributes the total invoice amount evenly over the GL accounts in the table.

No Prefill
The GL coding table is left empty and will need to be coded for every invoice processed for the vendor.

Allocated based on the percentage amount identified on each GL account line in the table. The percentage amounts must total 100%.

Previous Invoice
The GL coding table will populate based on the last invoice processed for the vendor.

User defined
The GL Coding will be prefilled by values defined in the Company Records GL Table. The approver, amounts, GL accounts, Cost Centers, etc.

New forms
The new forms below can be used in place of the Create Data Records process.

New Chart of Accounts Entry
New Approver and Cost Center Group
New Approver Existing Cost Center Group
New Requestor Limit Approver
New Vendor Onboarding Form
New Vendor Record

This new version of the solution is now available in the DocuWare Trial. Find updated marketing and configuration materials as well as the DWBUC file for download on our Partner Resources.

Updated how-tos for the new version will be shortly available on

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