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Invite your contacts to DocuWare’s next webinar (Americas)


Next week’s prospect webinar on December 12 will feature the “10 best practices for stress-free document management.” This topic is based on our highly viewed best practices blog post.

DW_Webinar-10-best-practises-dms-FeaturedImgInvite your customers/prospects to discover these best practices that 435,000+ pros get to enjoy every day...

It will be a top of funnel, educational and conversational session. We’ll keep it short as we know everyone is busy!

And lastly… 🎁 GIFT ALERT: 1 out every 10 prospect/customer attendees will take a special DocuWare cooler bag home for the holidays.

Target audience: digital transformation managers (or similar IT/operations roles) and CEOs of small companies, however any role is welcome to join.

Presenters: Julie Baldwin, Global Digital Solutions Advisor & Nicole Smajda, Digital Solutions Advocate/Sr. Marketing Specialist at DocuWare

If you would like to attend, click here and register.
To invite your contacts, send them to this link to register (Important: Be sure to have them insert your company name in the field: Name of Authorized DocuWare Partner, so that we can send the lead back to you!).

Click here for our 2023 webinars playlist. Recordings are typically uploaded a few days after the live webinar.

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