How to Automate AP Processes and Improve Accountability in Just Days with DocuWare for Invoice Processing



Achieve your goals fast and accurately with DocuWare’s out-of-the-box AP solution. Skip the lengthy consultant process and get the solution up and running in just days!

Organizations are paying up to $12.50 to process an invoice. Accounting delays and headaches are not surprising when you consider the different formats you receive invoices in combined with manual input. On top of it all, you’re dealing with the immense stress of audits. But this can be easily solved.

Completely automate your invoice process, from data capture to approval, and allows you to post invoices to your accounting or ERP system.

Picture this:
  • Achieve total financial transparency and better cash flow management
  • Maintain a secure, organized and searchable invoice repository
  • Leverage easily configurable workflows to manage the approval process
  • Automatically capture and match invoices to purchase orders
  • Record approved payments back to the general ledger through seamless ERP integrations
  • Avoid duplicate vendors and invoices, lost documents and errors (GL coding mistakes, typos)
  • Make audits faster, easier, and less stressful while reducing liability risk
  • Reduce associated costs of processing, printing, storing, and routing invoices
  • Integrate with your native financial applications
  • Review and approve documents via any mobile device

This cloud-based, preconfigured solution combines AP process expertise with zero-compromise cloud and mobile platforms to eliminate manual process waste and refocus your team on strategic, profit-driving projects.

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