PoPIA unpacked – Effective and compliant Content Management

South Africa's data protection law - the Protection of Personal Information Act or POPIA for short – will go into affect starting July 1, 2021. Closely modeled on the EU's GDPR (and ePrivacy Directive), it requires all organizations that handle personal data to obtain certain permissions before processing that data. And that the owner of the personal data (the organization) must process the information in accordance with data protection laws.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Obtaining explicit consent from customers to process their data
  • Disclosing detailed information about the processing of personal data
  • Obtaining consent before disclosing data to third parties

Deliberate or inadvertent non-compliance could result in heavy fines.

But what benefits does compliance with the new regulations really bring to a company? How can these be achieved? What are the risks or negative impacts involved? To answer these questions and many more: Jemima Ashton-Allen, COO of BusinessGenetics. She will share her knowledge gained through consulting, data modelling, program management and lessons learned from the PoPIA journey of several local companies.

So how can all this be put into practice? How can proper separation of personal data be ensured and critical business documents be given a safe home? How can documents such as employee information, financial records, contracts be protected so that they cannot be lost, stolen or compromised – yet, personal data must still be located and accessed when needed...and at any time? David Malan, Regional Sales Director Africa at DocuWare, demonstrates how a document management system can provide you with the simple solution when it comes to POPIA compliance.

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