How to get more done and free up your time with easy digital workflows

Here’s a tip for the new year: Instead of resolutions, focus on building habits. According to the NY Times bestselling book Atomic Habits, one of the main benefits of good habits is automating your daily life tasks, to minimize the amount of time and thinking spent on them, so you have more brainpower to focus on other valuable projects.

The same idea can be applied to your repetitive work processes. When you use DocuWare, a document management workflow software, you’re able to set digital workflows in motion that mirror your current processes to get your work done for you. Think of DocuWare as your second brain!

Check out this introductory demo and hear from Brenda Erickson, Credit Manager at Lohmiller & Company, a leading HVAC distributor, on how they accelerated productivity across nine departments using DocuWare.

In 2023, the new you can:

  • Build any type of workflow and set it in motion without complex programming
  • Stay on top of tasks with automated task lists and email notifications
  • Increase productivity across the company as every team member is on the same page
  • Free up time to do more strategic work that contributes to long-term success (yes!)

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