New HR solution to manage vaccination and testing records now

Audience: prospective DocuWare users and current DocuWare users interested in this new preconfigured solution

Monitoring vaccination and testing documentation presents a whole new challenge for HR teams. DocuWare’s new preconfigured solution, DocuWare for Vaccination & Testing Management, offers a simple and secure way to automate the collection and tracking of an employee’s vaccination status and weekly testing requirements. Quickly verify vaccination status, manage exemptions, and oversee testing compliance all in one secure place. Get up and running in just one day.

Check out this zero-obligation, introductory demo. Please note this is not a technical setup or training session. 

Now you can:

  • Verify employee vaccination status quickly
  • Use ready-to-go, easy web forms for employees to report their vaccination status and upload documentation
  • Manage weekly testing requirements
  • Maintain an accurate record of vaccine exemptions
  • Have transparency in monitoring test results documentation for employees who are not vaccinated, sending automated email reminders and employer notifications
  • Securely access complete reporting of vaccine status, exemptions and testing

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