How to implement secure electronic signatures now to increase productivity for your distributed workforce

With remote workforces as the new standard, you need a streamlined way to track documents being routed to different individuals to sign. How do you ensure documents are securely stored in a centralized database, routed for authentic signatures, and then stored back into your database to move to the next step in the process? The answer is a cloud document management solution that is integrated with an external signature provider.

DocuWare Signature Service ensures documents are authentically signed using a verified Trust Service Provider; you can choose between Validated ID or DocuSign. As part of a digital workflow, documents are automatically transferred between DocuWare and the Trust Service Provider, and individuals are notified when a document is available for signing. They verify their identity and esign with the security level you require. The certificate is deposited with the Trust Service Provider and the signed document is saved in DocuWare.

Watch an introductory DocuWare Signature Service demo. If you’re already using DocuWare Workflow Manager, this is a great addition to workflows. Using DocuWare in general, authorized staff can access documents from any location with any device.

Picture this for sales contracts, employee benefits forms, vendor agreements, and more:

  • All signed documents, including all other documents, are securely stored in a centralized digital database for easy authorized access
  • Save time as automated workflows route documents to be e-signed
  • Eliminate fraud as identities must be verified before documents can be signed; choose the signature security level needed
  • Prevent documents from being inappropriately altered; have transparency on who viewed or edited them with permission

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