Automate contracts now from start to finish and never miss another deadline!

Contracts are essential to running your business but relying on manual paper processes is time-consuming and stressful. There is a better way! With DocuWare’s cloud document management solution, you get a 360-degree automated approach to contract management. From digitizing each step of your specific process, automating the routing/approvals, getting valid signatures and ensuring contracts are stored for easy access and retention, you are covered. All staff members, including sales operations, sales reps, finance, and executives, are on the same page.

Watch this introductory demo now. Even if you're already using contract management software, come check out DocuWare - it’s not a stand-alone solution! Even though your team may be distributed, DocuWare brings your company’s documents and processes together to keep work moving forward.

With DocuWare, you enjoy:

  1. All contracts and related documents securely stored in a centralized digital database for easy, secure access
  2. Staying on top of deadlines, expiration dates and renewal dates as workflows keep staff in sync
  3. Complete visibility of the contract lifecycle management; see where contracts are in the workflow at any time
  4. Responding quickly to customers as authorized staff can access any document from anywhere with any device
  5. Seamless integration with key applications, such as Outlook, ERP, CRM or intranet, for consistent company-wide data
  6. Meeting security and compliance standards with custom user access rights, electronic signature validation, automated retention schedules and more

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