Higher ed: The #1 solution to simplify your admin processes now

Are you finding it hard to manage a high volume of student documents, business processes such as invoice processing and employee onboarding, and data compliance in general?

With DocuWare’s cloud document management and workflow automation, administrative activities are automated and provide faster, more accurate service for staff, faculty, students and more. For your IT team, it’s a budget and user-friendly solution that is fast to implement and easy to configure. It’s a win-win all around!

Hear from Saby Waraich, Chief Information Officer at Clackamas Community College, on the school’s DocuWare success story. Then, see a no-obligation, introductory DocuWare demo. Please note this is not a technical session; we’ll be showing how easy it is to use. 

Picture this for your college or university:

  • Keep documents secure and centralized while streamlining administration and improving collaboration
  • Tighten security and adhere to privacy and compliance policies
  • Implement digital workflows, e-forms and e-signatures so administrative processes (i.e. invoice processing, HR employee onboarding) run smoothly and quickly
  • Implement a solution that flexes with the technology needs without adding work for the IT team
  • Integrate documents with your business software to increase the value of your current technology

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