Start your digital transformation with e-signature

The surge in hybrid working and digitisation in 2020/21 has accelerated the need for intelligent digital tooling like e-signature across a diverse set of sectors, use cases, and geographies. We’ve also seen demand rising sharply for use cases that involve external signers and highly regulated processes, such as sales orders, employment contracts and other financial services documents. It’s now time to ask ourselves the important question: How relevant is the power of the pen? Could this age-old relic also take a more efficient approach in the new, digital world?

In light of changing market pressures, we believe there is a way to work faster without the hassle of chasing down signatures. You can ensure all your documents (.PDF, Word, or any type) are securely stored in a centralized database, routed to the appropriate parties for authentication of e-signatures, and then seamlessly stored back into the database to move onto the next step. 

Consider DocuWare for Electronic Signature, which ensures documents are authentically signed using a verified Trust Service Provider (TSP); either DocuSign or Validated ID. Using intelligent workflows, which you have total control over, your documents can be automatically transferred between DocuWare and the TSP, and individuals are notified when a document is required for signing. They verify their identity and e-sign with the level of security you require.

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