Perfect Together – Integrating DocuWare into Third Party Applications (EMEA)

Information needs to be available quickly and seamlessly. That’s why it’s so essential that users be able to access all the information they need, without ever having to leave their familiar software interface. DocuWare offers several approaches for smoothly exchanging data with other applications – no matter if used in the Cloud or locally.

DocuWare is extremely flexible and can be integrated with almost any other program  whether it’s

  • Microsoft Outlook,
  • Windows Explorer,
  • your ERP, CRM or other systems.

You can opt for simple menu-driven configuration tools or a comprehensive Software Development Kit (SDK). It’s also simple to integrate scanners, multifunctional devices or mobile devices.

In our Webinar titled "Perfect Together - Integrating DocuWare into Third Party Applications," we'll show you the many ways DocuWare can be configured to seamlessly interact with all the IT components available in your company.

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