A beginner’s look on how effective digital forms simplify data capture and easily route information

Creating a digital form is possible with any web form builder but what happens after the form is submitted? How is the data saved and is it secure? Is it easy to search for and access across your organization? The solution you need is modern digital forms that are created within and connected to a secure document management software.

DocuWare Forms, one of DocuWare’s document management tools, allows you to easily design forms, share them, and collect structured data. After a DocuWare electronic form is completed and submitted, it is instantly and securely stored in a central repository for easy access later on by anyone who is authorized, from any location and on any device. You can also set up custom digital workflows to automatically assign tasks to employees to take the next steps as soon as the form is submitted.

See an eye-opening 30-minute demo of DocuWare Forms in action.

Picture this:

  • Streamline paper forms and PDFs into clean, mobile-ready digital forms with an intuitive online form design tool - no need to ask the same question across multiple forms
  • Route digital forms automatically throughout the organization for reviews and approval – workflow automation speeds up key processes and increases business productivity
  • Create a centralized document database for anytime, anywhere access – if you have one office, or ten offices, your team has consistent digital file cabinets

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