A beginner’s look at how DocuWare stores documents with easy, secure access and automates everyday processes

Take a look around. Does your organization still use a slow, stressful paper filing system and spend too much time searching for a specific document?

In this new decade, it’s time to simplify digital file storage and embrace becoming a paperless office.

DocuWare, a paperless document management solution, enables you to securely and intelligently store your documents in a centralized database so you always know where to find and access documents with ease. On top of that, its artificial intelligence and digital workflow tools empower you to process key documents easier and faster to get work done.

Enjoy this 30-minute on-demand webinar to see an introductory look.

With DocuWare, you enjoy:

    • A secure, central document pool for all documents regardless of source or format
    • Increased employee efficiency and productivity with instant access to information
    • Automated digital workflows to route and process documents across multiple departments
    • First-class document compliance and fast response to audits

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