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Updated upgrade path for DocuWare version 7

To ensure that DocuWare On-Premises systems can be upgraded smoothly, we have updated our upgrade paths to DocuWare version 7. Please note this change if you are still working with a 6+ version of DocuWare.

DocuWare is always based on the latest technologies. This is critical for system security, performance, user-friendliness and, of course, integration capability.

Starting with DocuWare Version 7, we are switching to a new technology for the setup as well as for the complete DocuWare system –  so this update really goes "under the hood."  To ensure that the update of your system runs smoothly despite these major changes, you must be sure to proceed step by step, as experience from past system upgrades has shown. For this reason, we have also redefined the possible upgrade paths...

  • For DocuWare versions 6.6 - 6.11: Update first to version 6.12, then to version 7 or 7.1, and then update to the current version 7.2.
  • For DocuWare Version 6.12: Upgrade first to Version 7 or 7.1, then update to the current Version 7.2.

If you are working with an even older DocuWare version, please refer to the update scenarios in this overview.

To plan and execute the update of your DocuWare system, please contact your Authorized DocuWare Partner. They can also inform you about the latest features and technology changes since the release of DocuWare Version 7.

Discover the new features and benefits of the latest DocuWare versions here:

DocuWare 7 | DocuWare 7.1 | DocuWare 7.2



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