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Version 7: New Technology and Optimized Data Capture

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Building on future-proof technology, the latest version of DocuWare offers even more possibilities for automating and optimizing data acquisition and indexing. That way, you can concentrate on your core, more profitable tasks instead.

Built with pioneering cloud architecture and the latest technology, DocuWare Version 7 is the next generation of document management and office automation. Offering top performance, stability and scalability, DocuWare is perfect for companies of all sizes, even the very largest.

And since the software for both its cloud and on-premise versions is based on the same code with the same features, all customers benefit equally from this technological leap forward.

Highlights: Technology and Performance

  • Higher performance through newly implemented file cabinets and baskets as well as optimized databases: searches 50% faster, document storage approx. 35% faster, and index data changes 75% faster
  • New workflow engine for quicker and more reliable control of all workflow tasks
  • Completely new server setup for more stability and simpler installation by assigning server roles

Many other new features are included in version 7, especially in the area of data collection. This can be done largely automatically, giving employees back precious time to spend on value-added work rather than on monotonous data entry.

 File cabinet event as document-specific launch in Autoindex

File cabinet event as document-specific launch in Autoindex

Highlights: Data Capture

  • Autoindex was retooled with an improved user interface and several new options: document-specific launch as well as monitoring and editing of index data
  • Optimized data entry via forms: input masks for error-free data entry plus display of fields based on previous entries
  • Intelligent archiving with Connect to Outlook automatically preventing email duplication in file cabinet
  • Newly implemented and improved user interface configurations for document processing (previously divided into Printer and Import)

You’ll receive more information about these and all other new developments – including an overview of application areas and benefits – in New in DocuWare Version 7.

Here’s How the Upgrade Works

As a DocuWare Cloud customer, you will receive the upgrade within the next few months – no need to worry about anything. You will be informed about exactly when well ahead of time by the DocuWare Cloud Team.

As a DocuWare customer with an on-premise system, please contact your Authorized DocuWare Partner. They will inform you about all the new features and advise you on possible upgrade options, especially with regard to the technology changeover.