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Version 7.1: Automatic Processing of Invoice Line Items

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The many possibilities provided by workflow automation are a major advantage of digitization and digital document management. With version 7.1, DocuWare supports even more application scenarios – and makes the editing of workflow tasks simpler, clearer, and faster.

DocuWare Version 7.1 supports automated invoice processing – and now includes individual line items. Split posting processes, which means the assignment of line items to different cost centers, can be effortlessly implemented, even the gathering of all necessary approvals.

Intelligent Indexing recognizes each entry and transfers it as metadata to the new ‘table’ type field. Workflow Manager then uses the individual entries within these tables to steer the invoice workflow.

Workflow Manager uses the individual entries within these tables to steer the invoice workflow


More about automatic line item recognition and implementing a split posting process


Greater Workflow Performance

Fast and reliable processes are essential for every company, providing the basis for competitiveness and a future-proof strategy. They guarantee clear assignment of tasks, prompt processing and a structured flow of information. Several new features help you to perform work steps within workflows even more quickly and conveniently. For example:

• Process several tasks at the same time

• Filter tasks for a better overview

• Notification mails with CC dispatch


News About Licenses

With DocuWare Cloud, the new user license Workflow User enables you to cost-effectively implement enterprise-wide workflows, for example for HR application scenarios. This license is suitable for employees who do not archive documents themselves but have tasks to perform within workflows and need to have read-only access to stored documents. Users can also fill in and save forms (DocuWare Forms) with this license.

There's also good news for On-Premises customers about DocuWare Forms: After a long free trial phase of Public Forms, we decided to integrate the functionality to create the "normal" Forms License. So users without a DocuWare Client license can now use forms created with DocuWare Forms. This will allow for even more applications for structured data entry, especially when the information comes from outside a company; for example, forms for online job applications.


Release Note

You’ll receive more information about these and all other new developments – including an overview of application areas and benefits – in What's new in DocuWare Version 7.1.


Here’s How the Update Works

As a DocuWare Cloud customer, you will receive the update within the next few months – no need to worry about anything. You will be informed about exactly when well ahead of time by the DocuWare Cloud Team.

As a DocuWare customer with an On-Premise system, please contact your Authorized DocuWare Partner. They will inform you about all the new features and advise you on possible update options, especially regarding the technology changeover since DocuWare version 7.