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Tip: Get started with workflow tasks

Are you new to workflow tasks and want to use them to approve invoices or process other documents? Check out this pro tip for the best way to proceed and target the areas most important for you.

If you're working with workflow tasks for the first time, you'll quickly be able to find your way around the DocuWare interface. You only need a few clicks to get an overview of your tasks and be ready to tackle them efficiently. Here's an example from invoice processing.

To see your pending tasks

Once you have opened DocuWare Client, go to the Tasks area (1). The number in the circle tells you at a glance how many tasks are pending. If there are new tasks not yet opened, the highlighting is red, otherwise it is yellow.

For each workflow in which you currently have tasks to complete, you’ll see a separate tab (2). The number on the tab (3) shows how many tasks you have to process in this workflow. In our example, there are three tasks for the IP Validation workflow.



One tab per workflow

When you click on a tab, the list of tasks pending to process within this workflow will open. If you only have tasks from a single workflow, the name is not on a tab, but will appear as a simple heading above the tasks.

Each task corresponds to a document that you need to take action on - in this example, it‘s an invoice. The Activity column shows what your task entails.

Double-click to open a document

As soon as you click on a task (4), you will see your decision options (5) for further processing of the document in the area below. Even better, double click on the task to open the document in the viewer (6) at the same time.

Each decision has its details

A task can include several decision options. For invoices, for example, this might be verifying the content or instructing payment. If you are new to workflow tasks, it‘s best to open each decision option once with a single click to get an overview of the details of your task and know where to enter what.

You must fill in the mandatory fields at a minimum, which you can recognize by the asterisk (*). All other fields are optional. By clicking on Confirm you complete the task and the invoice disappears from the task list. If you want to confirm several tasks at once with the same decision, simply select all entries from the list and make your decision.

Using the context menu

Right-click on a task and the context menu will open, which offers you many additional functions. For example, you can set an already opened task back to Unread. Or you can view the workflow history of an edited document, which is also possible with the Workflow History button found directly above the activities.

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