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Manage workflow tasks more effectively

Customize your task list – and get things done in less time.

Your company uses Workflow Manager and you regularly complete your tasks in the DocuWare client. By getting more familiar with all the features of this interface, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort.

For the tasks, each workflow has its own tab. It carries the workflow name and shows a number representing how many tasks are assigned to you within this workflow. In the image here, you can see a tab for "Invoices" that shows four tasks. If the background turns red when the tab is open, this means that you have received one or more new tasks.

The Designer is a colleague

The look of your tasks is basically determined by the person who designs the workflows in your company using Workflow Designer, which is a DocuWare tool. It could be the head of department, an experienced colleague, or even the IT administrator. This person usually defines – according to the needs of the company or a department – which details you can see and choose for a task. Also the column titles and their arrangement are preset by him or her. If you have ideas for improving the task list, simply contact your company’s designer.

Workflow tasks in the Web Client


Completing tasks even more conveniently

You can also make the actual task list even more convenient to work with. It only takes a few clicks:

  • Filter your tasks: To get a quicker overview, filter the contents of your task list; for example, by activity. It is also possible to filter in several columns simultaneously. You will find a filter symbol in the header of each column. Once you have set a filter, the button Reset filter for undoing the setting will appear.
  • Sort by due date: Click the due date column header to sort the list by task deadline. If you want to sort by additional columns, hold down Shift and click on the next column.
  • Reset the values: If you have accidentally made wrong entries in a task, simply click on Cancel and reopen the task – all contents will be reloaded.
  • Enter your absence: The workflow might contain a substitution rule determining which person or job type will perform your tasks when you are away. You can store your absence data, for example for a vacation, in the main menu under Profile and Settings > Absence Settings.
  • Check out workflow history: Select a task and click on Workflow history to see who has made which decision in this process so far.
  • See a document’s history in the DocuWare viewer: In the viewer tools, click on the timer symbol to track the history of a document including all workflows connected and tasks already completed. Here’s a tip: If you ever need to contact DocuWare for support, it helps to open a document’s history showing all activities as well as the last activity with an error, make a screenshot, and attach it to your request.
  • Get to know the context menu: Take a look at the many functions that open up when you right-click on a task.

Read more about completing several taks at the same time or learn about best practices with workflows and requests for quick decisions.