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Now Even More Affordable: Company-wide Workflows

Whether for invoice approvals or digital personnel files – with the new cloud user license Workflow User you can integrate many colleagues into DocuWare processes in a very budget-friendly way.
For many DocuWare application scenarios, not all users need the full range of functions. That's why DocuWare Cloud now comes with a more restricted, low-cost user license: Workflow User.
With this license, a user can perform tasks within DocuWare workflows, such as releasing invoices, approving contracts and vacation requests (and, of course, not approving them as well). The scope of action for task processing depends on your workflow specifications.
In addition, users can have read access to file cabinets. They can search for documents, display them in the viewer, print them, download them or send them by email. In the invoice file cabinet, for example, they can also search for old invoices or access their own documents, such as pay slips and other records within their digital personnel file.
Even if users are not allowed to store documents directly in a file cabinet, they can still fill out and send DocuWare Forms. These are then saved in the file cabinet with the user name of the workflow user. The workflow user can, for example, submit travel expenses, call in sick, apply for vacation, order supplies or launch a workflow based on form entries.
These DocuWare functions are available to a Workflow User:
The Workflow User license is available in packages of 5 in addition to the DocuWare Cloud license modules for Professional II, Enterprise II and Large Enterprise II.