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Integrations make for smooth work – example HR department

Fast filing and easy access to documents: these are MUST-HAVES in a human resources department. Avoid duplicate data storage and constant switching between applications by integrating all employee files right into your HR management software.
What if you could access salary documents, time sheets, vacation/sick leave forms, bonus agreements or general correspondence directly from your HR department’s main personnel management system? With a DocuWare integration, HR teams don‘t ever have to leave their main application to search within the HR file cabinet.
DocuWare supports many integration methods and technologies to connect all sorts of systems and information, communicating with cloud services as well as local software. In many cases, there’s no need for additional programming. All it takes is following easy-to-create, wizard-led configurations that will be enough for connecting DocuWare with any HR system.
Accessing employee files
For example, a very efficient search integration can be configured in just a few steps with Smart Connect. This tool makes it possible to display search buttons within the interface of any specialized application. Clicking on the button then delivers up the exact document or documents that are part of a case. For example, you can call up all documents belonging to a certain personnel number – directly from within the HR system.
Direct storage in DocuWare
With its ability to integrate, DocuWare not only ensures that you can quickly find personnel documents. It also makes it possible to store documents from within any program, directly into the HR file cabinet. This applies to Office documents via DocuWare Printer as well as email and all payroll documents such as: payroll slips, social security notifications, employment tax statements, and annual notifications from Quickbooks or any accounting system. All of this can be directed and stored fully automatically in the correct personnel file in DocuWare.
Ensuring consistent data
You can also supplement documents in a personnel file by using master data sourced from the HR system. This means that index criteria such as entry date, a cost center or department don‘t have to be entered manually. Instead, this data is automatically transferred from the HR system with the help of DocuWare Autoindex. In the same way, data and status information from DocuWare can also be imported into the HR system. A permanent data synchronization in the background ensures everything remains up-to-date and consistent.
Individual programming interfaces
For programmed integrations, DocuWare provides a wide-ranging Software Developer Kit. Individual elements of DocuWare, such as result lists, document trays or direct document viewing can all be integrated within the HR system via simple URL integration. Developers using C# in the .NET framework benefit from a Programmers' library with documentation and templates. And the REST-based Platform Service is open for programming of all kinds, such as custom apps or clients.
For detailed information on DocuWare's various integration options, please refer to our technical White Paper on Integration. And since the interfaces are universal, you can just as easily connect all other departments in your company using specialized business software right to DocuWare.