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Software Development Kit

Integrate DocuWare with your organization's business processes and IT ecosystem. Embed key DocuWare resources such as file cabinets, document trays and storage dialogs into your applications — right down to server-level processes.

Versatile integration tools for your IT demands

DocuWare Software Development Kit
Instead of using ready-made modules, you can use the SDK tools to adapt DocuWare precisely to your company's software

The SDK tools link DocuWare to your enterprise software at various levels — from simple document display to server functions:

  • URL Integration: Embed elements of DocuWare into your application as fully functional modules, including the user interface for documents, trays, file cabinets and more.
  • Webhooks: Changes in a DocuWare file cabinet are automatically sent to other applications in the company. These can then synchronize their datasets or trigger actions and workflows.
  • Platform Service: This central API is open for programming of all kinds, from constructing your own apps to embedding file cabinets and other DocuWare resources as fully customized and branded extensions of your application.
  • Programmers' library: Benefit from a DLL with documentation and templates for developers using C# in the .NET framework.
  • Workflow connection: Transfer values from other data sources in your company directly to DocuWare workflows.
  • Validation Service: Before archiving or updating a document, DocuWare checks whether the document is indexed according to the criteria you programmed. The validation service is connected via a REST-based API.

Improve processes with integrated applications

SDK tools enable you to customize DocuWare for your workflows and enterprise software:
  • Make invoices available to employees in their familiar working environment, whether CRM, ERP or simply Outlook. Users can release invoices directly in this application using integrated DocuWare functions.
  • Without leaving the accounting application, the user simply clicks "Save" to store a new invoice in a DocuWare file cabinet. Or set up automated archiving of new documents.
  • By integrating a document tray, you can scan documents from your standard application and process them from there. DocuWare Intelligent Indexing Service is available for automated indexing.
  • Integrate company data into your organization's DocuWare workflows, for example, to automatically enter the invoice amount in an incoming invoice workflow form.


Develop freely in C#/.NET, Perl, Java or other language with platform-independent XML or JSON.


Central gateway

The REST-based Platform Service is the central API for accessing all DocuWare resources and services.



Access resources and documentation directly from the Platform Service. URI templates make integration even faster.



DocuWare resources include documents, trays and search dialogs as well as the viewer, file cabinets, services and server.

How to start with DocuWare SDK

Availability for cloud and on-premises customers

The Software Development Kit is a standard part of DocuWare. You can use the interface to embed programmed applications and integrations for DocuWare Cloud and on-premises installations.

Technical knowledge

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