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Platform Service

The Platform Service is the central gateway and API through which you can access and integrate with DocuWare via programming.

Open interface for your applications

DocuWare Platform Service
The Platform Service is an open interface for application developers. DocuWare resources such as file cabinets or documents are embedded into the third-party application via XML or JSON

The Platform Service bundles all access to DocuWare from external applications and devices.

The Platform Service is REST-based, ensuring all resources and API points have a URL. Data can move regardless of device or operating system.

Using the Platform Service, you call all resources and elements centrally and integrate them into your program code or application via HTTP using either JSON or XML. Use your standard development language.

Integrating DocuWare into enterprise applications

DocuWare is based on an open architecture. The Platform Service enables you to integrate DocuWare into a wide variety of applications:

  • Integrate a task list. Open and update tasks inside another application such as CRM, ERP and more so your team doesn't have to constantly switch between screens.
  • Change the status of a document. An employee opens an invoice saved in DocuWare in his financial software and marks it as “paid”. The status of the invoice then changes automatically within DocuWare and initiates next workflow steps.
  • Use your own validation service. As soon as a document is stored or updated, DocuWare uses the criteria you have programmed to check whether the document is stored or not. If the document is rejected, the user is notified so that he can correct his entries.

For more examples and more information on implementing your own services and applications, see Software Development Kit.


Platform independent

Integrate DocuWare into external applications regardless of programming language using XML or JSON over HTTP.



HTTP caching methods ensure best performance and resources are immediately available in your applications.

Future friendly

Data exchange is HTTP-based, not bound to specific environments or operating systems. Upwards compatible for future DocuWare versions.



The transmission of data during communication with the platform service is protected by SSL/TLS.

Availability and more information

Availability for cloud and on-premises customers

The Platform Service is a standard part of DocuWare. You can use the interface to embed programmed applications and integrations for DocuWare Cloud and on-premises installations.

Technical knowledge

  • White Paper Integration: All integration options at a glance
  • Software Development Kit: DocuWare Programming Tools
  • Try it: As a DocuWare customer, you can access the platform via a web browser. Enter HTTP://YOURSERVER/docuware/platform

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